BAEKHYUN 백현 'Bambi' MV Reaction (feat.XIUMIN)


BAEKHYUN's 3rd Mini Album "Bambi" is out!
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  • Вит Таев
    Вит Таев天 前

    Baekhyun my Bambi

  • Camille Quartel
    Camille Quartel2 天 前

    Minseok and Baekhyun are so handsome😭😭😭❤️

  • Mj Summer
    Mj Summer2 天 前

    Oh! Xiumin; you're the best elder brother ♡_♡

  • sy
    sy3 天 前

    2:08 퐉출때 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ미친

  • 집이최고
    집이최고4 天 前

    왜 엑소는 종인이도 그렇고 뮤비리액션 하나만 올려주냐고오오오오오오ㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗ

  • 집이최고
    집이최고4 天 前

    난 이거 이후로 쭈르륵 더 올라 올 줄 알았지..ㅋ 그렇게 겪고도 기대한 내가 바보지 ㅎ 이게 원앤온리인줄 누가알았겠어..ㅋ.ㅋ.진짜 스엠 엑소랑 엑소엘한테 좀 더 잘 해줄순 없겠늬??솔직히 지뢰도 있는데 아직까지 탈주안하고 남아있으면 미안해서라도 더 잘해주겠다..아직까지 탈주 안한걸로 찐호구라 생각하고 이러는건지..ㅠ

  • smolsoo
    smolsoo4 天 前

    erideul... can u guys help me. Ive got a assignment about finding a song's meaning, and i chosed this... Can someone explain the meaning of this song? At first I thought it was about baekhyun's dream about a woman, but at this video he told us that he was thinking about the fate of love...(?) i guess,, im not sure.. Im too young for this,, anyone help mee ;-;

  • Yev Day
    Yev Day5 天 前

    I want to see Xiumin's solo album❤️😌

  • Gabi Uno
    Gabi Uno5 天 前

    Heart warming

  • asahi-君
    asahi-君6 天 前

    прямо сейчас я вижу двух прекрасных сидящих булочек! я безумно счастлива! ♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ )

  • Novanora EXO
    Novanora EXO7 天 前

    I miss you EXO

  • milartta
    milartta7 天 前


  • Chanika Putri
    Chanika Putri7 天 前

    aku kangen kalian ):

  • Obsidian
    Obsidian8 天 前

    아 제발 리액션 영상 더 찍어달라고...😥

  • Genta P
    Genta P8 天 前

    Ya Allah SWT yang aku ada Indonesia Akan ini yg buat yang Tapi kalo mau beli makan siang di Go to last yes To ada

  • Genta P
    Genta P8 天 前

    Ya Allah love you and hope Aku tak Tidak Allah itu ada yg kau dan Oke siap mel yes kan sudah orang Yang cara like isi ini gitu aja kan Pak akan apa ya gan Kallo sini Alhamdulillah sudah ayah kamu Tak ada lagi yg kauml Apa ada lbu ini adalah sebuah

  • Nga Uyển
    Nga Uyển8 天 前

    Fan Xiumin cũng đc 6 năm rùi...càng ngày càng thấy nhớ thấy mến ông này

  • Nurmayani 9495
    Nurmayani 94958 天 前

    Rambut bang umin lucu, skrng rambut baek botak huhuhu gk pa2 pokoknya semngt buat semua exol love you all

  • Tyler Zeb
    Tyler Zeb9 天 前

    The hardest thing for this video is the subtitle cover entirely the mv of Bambi

  • Sherry Xiao
    Sherry Xiao9 天 前


  • Maysa 18
    Maysa 1810 天 前


  • Suhas
    Suhas11 天 前

    baekhyun : when I think of her, I feel like I've maturee is he talking about his ex?

  • Lin Pa Pa Phyo
    Lin Pa Pa Phyo11 天 前

    This brothers are so cute

  • tamara maylyana
    tamara maylyana11 天 前

    Good bye baekhyun :')) please come back safe

  • jellycndyxswzzz
    jellycndyxswzzz12 天 前

    This one of my favorite Baekhyun song

  • Benjamin Salamida
    Benjamin Salamida12 天 前

    son hremosos los dos

    GROUP EXO12 天 前

    Baekhyun we will wait you

  • Sehun Moe
    Sehun Moe12 天 前

    So good

  • vousmevoyez 00
    vousmevoyez 0013 天 前

    double seller Vocal king Actor

  • vousmevoyez 00
    vousmevoyez 0013 天 前

    Baekhyun sing this song just take one time,and this song is hard to sing...Yr know what only professional singer can sing this song

  • vousmevoyez 00
    vousmevoyez 0013 天 前

    Xiumin yr right,baekhyun song bambi is hard to sing....

  • nawgaylay win
    nawgaylay win13 天 前

    Love you all

  • Bfd Trr
    Bfd Trr14 天 前


  • Bfd Trr
    Bfd Trr14 天 前

    Baekhyun 🥺💘

  • Agia Seich
    Agia Seich14 天 前

    I cannntttttttttttttt this is toooooo cuteee 🤺🤺🤺🤺

  • you yours
    you yours14 天 前

    baekhyun my beloved

  • Eri and choice
    Eri and choice14 天 前

    xiumin love you

  • 71roses
    71roses17 天 前

    xiumin compliments is so sweet

  • Jonalyn Alba
    Jonalyn Alba17 天 前

  • nina Exo-L
    nina Exo-L17 天 前

    Xiumin miss u

  • bang ji t
    bang ji t17 天 前


  • Fh ut W
    Fh ut W17 天 前


  • Fh ut W
    Fh ut W17 天 前

    I love you 😍😍

  • Fh ut W
    Fh ut W17 天 前


  • NinaL7 1485
    NinaL7 148518 天 前

    Love, king, Rare diamond ,fire, flower,...

  • Three 3
    Three 319 天 前

    Bambi is really a great song. I've been listening on repeat! . . . . . . Facts: Bambi is the name of a male deer in the movie "Bambi"

  • moonlight
    moonlight19 天 前

    Xiumin is so tiny🥺😩

    ZOD EXO21 天 前

    Xiumin: I thought it was Kai for a moment Baekhyun: Really? Xiumin: Yes Baekhyun: It's the best compliment OMG yes imagine your dance getting reminded of Dancing Legend Kim Kai. Even EXO feels honoured (╥﹏╥)

  • Manar Yeol
    Manar Yeol21 天 前


  • Fidan Mamedova
    Fidan Mamedova21 天 前

    Why Xiumin is so tiny and cute?🥺

  • emma
    emma21 天 前

    That is so cute.



  • Getting Closer
    Getting Closer21 天 前

    Xiumin and Baek -- the cute puppy and kitty of EXO. Forever my biases.

  • Getting Closer
    Getting Closer21 天 前

    Xiumin and Baekhyun belong to a past era of K-pop when things were clean and fans are real ppl, not born out of click-farms in a 3rd world ctry

  • Getting Closer
    Getting Closer21 天 前

    K-pop is losing its glamour and interest bcs everything is "Fake L.." and "Fake that" Yah, you know who I'm referring to, right?

  • Getting Closer
    Getting Closer21 天 前

    Xiumin is really too pure for this world, esp the cheat world of K-Pop where cheaters rule

  • PY forever
    PY forever22 天 前


  • Conan Ai Hime
    Conan Ai Hime22 天 前

    I'm 3 weeks late loooolll

  • winter gurll
    winter gurll22 天 前

    BAEKHYUN vocals are superior but his dancing skills are even better :) i can't find anything I could dislike about that guy , he's everything a regular fan want in an artist , Exo and Exols +Sm trash are so lucky to have him , hope he joins bh one day 💜💜

  • Atiat Ahmed
    Atiat Ahmed22 天 前

    Xiuminiiii is backkkk bitchss😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • kpopstan forever
    kpopstan forever22 天 前

    both of you are really cute love from pakistan

  • Jake Sufra
    Jake Sufra22 天 前

    Bambi part 2? 4:52

  • Minghao Xù
    Minghao Xù22 天 前

    Min: Your pelvis is a killer Baek:I used my pelvis too much. Ya!! My pelvis is gone. *Lmao*

  • Dar Dar
    Dar Dar23 天 前

    The two Brothers are too cute

  • spikspik P
    spikspik P23 天 前


  • 두야호
    두야호23 天 前

    카이인줄 알았어! 최고의 칭찬이네'ㅅ'

  • erisswl
    erisswl23 天 前

    0:32 literally my reaction when I first watch the mv

  • sofa ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    sofa ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ24 天 前

    THIS: “Your pelvis is a killer!” “I used my pelvis so much...yeah, my pelvis is gone” FXJVJSJXJFXHXHFSHXJJ

  • sofa ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    sofa ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ24 天 前

    xiumin stans fedora baekhyun as much as we all do 🙈🙈💝💝

  • sofa ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    sofa ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ24 天 前

    XIUMIN: 🤨 “What? Are you smoking?” BAEKHYUN: 😗 “No, that’s water vapor-“ XIUMIN: *PRECIOUS LAUGH* BAEKHYUN: “It came out too much...” … XIUMIN: *WORRIED* “That looks dangerous...” BAEKHYUN: *just laughs at xiumin’s cute reactions like me* AHHHHHHHH THIS WAS CUTE AND FUNNYYYYY (i’ve edited this too many times- the whole thing was so precious thoughhhh)

  • asena arslan
    asena arslan24 天 前


  • Niken EXO-L
    Niken EXO-L24 天 前

    I Love You ㅠㅠ

  • Eya ERI
    Eya ERI25 天 前

    i really miss them so much my exo comeback nine soooooooon since i cannot have ot12 comeback TT

  • lariza tiara
    lariza tiara26 天 前

    We are one 🥰

  • Dios te ama
    Dios te ama26 天 前

    Why you guys so cute together 😭❤️

  • 김웬디
    김웬디26 天 前

    Hello, here is an ELF who loves EXO very much. It is really fantastic for me to be able to enjoy your talent because, the first time I saw EXO I could not take my eyes off you lol, however it is not only your beauty, your voice , your way of dancing and your talent in general are something that I enjoy very much. I wish that this time you are off the screens you stay strong and healthy, that you eat delicious food and soon you can enjoy coming back with us, we will be waiting for you beautiful baek, FIGHTING!!!; thank you for this gift, I love this song and from today it will be one of my favorites. With much love an ELF from Venezuela

  • Nita Puspita Sari
    Nita Puspita Sari26 天 前

    I'm curious about D.O's reaction ...

  • ash lynx is alive and thriving in japan
    ash lynx is alive and thriving in japan26 天 前

    2:39 xiu: i thought it was kai for a moment. baekhyun: it's the best compliment. STOP HES SO SWEET

  • we are one, bitch
    we are one, bitch27 天 前

    the only reactors i approve are EXO themselves

  • Oh sehun
    Oh sehun27 天 前

    Me veo en la obligación de aprender ingles,nunca colocando sub español

  • Nikki Y
    Nikki Y27 天 前

    The EXOs are so respectful with each other's work- Xiumin is completely entranced with every single frame. They really appreciate each other's individual talents and creativity, and they're completely absorbed by it. They really are one.

  • nahreiza salsa sabila
    nahreiza salsa sabila27 天 前


  • Hendrika
    Hendrika28 天 前


  • Yağmur Çiçek야으무르
    Yağmur Çiçek야으무르28 天 前

    2 KİNG

  • Fati Salimzade
    Fati Salimzade28 天 前


  • Sharvina Tri Amalia
    Sharvina Tri Amalia28 天 前

    Knp subtitle nya dikit banget :(

  • Sharvina Tri Amalia
    Sharvina Tri Amalia28 天 前

    Sayang Baekhyun ❤️

  • hikari sakura
    hikari sakura28 天 前

    こんにちは ミリオンおめでとう。 かこいいMVですね。 ステキな歌をありがとう。 本当、歌が上手いですね。聞き入ってしまう。 少し早いですが、お誕生日おめでとうございます。 お体を大切にしてください。 hikariより

  • E
    E29 天 前

    I feel I'm the last person to notice the Bambi dolls and stuffed toys scattered here and there

  • Egzzfh 07h
    Egzzfh 07h29 天 前


  • Egzzfh 07h
    Egzzfh 07h29 天 前

    I love EXO ♡

  • Egzzfh 07h
    Egzzfh 07h29 天 前

    I love you guys :)

  • Egzzfh 07h
    Egzzfh 07h29 天 前


  • exo weareone
    exo weareone29 天 前

    We love you Xiumin and we will be always beside you

  • Sa2000a
    Sa2000a29 天 前

    I love you EXO ❤️

  • miuu guup
    miuu guup29 天 前

    one thing we love the most as exols is that we can see how the members really like, sincerely support eo!

  • someone somewhere
    someone somewhere29 天 前

    Baekhyunee is so cute, so happy Xiumin was with him

  • Han Wit
    Han Wit29 天 前


  • Laura
    Laura个月 前

    We want other member solo too..