BAEKHYUN 백현 'Bambi' Jacket Behind the Scenes


BAEKHYUN's 3rd Mini Album "Bambi" is out!
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  • Nisa
    Nisa3 天 前

    Awww when he took a photo of the aquarium to send to Taeyong 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Three 3
    Three 35 天 前

    Baekhyun gives us emotional support through his music and his side vlog with some encouraging words and in return us, the exo-Ls, wants to cheer you up too in your tough times because you did the same and we are grateful🤧 and we love you ❤️❤️❤️ please stay safe and we'll be waiting for your return🥺💓💓💓

  • Melina f
    Melina f9 天 前

    Baekhyunaaa so much thank you really so much for hardworking realyyy but miss you whyy i'm waitiing just

  • Kirana Lestari
    Kirana Lestari14 天 前

    🦌 Whoever that stylist noona fixing his shirt at 2:12, her life is blessed, I envy her 😭 🦌 2:36 that smile is precious, I CAN'T TAKE IT 😍😍😍

  • Mariam EXO_L
    Mariam EXO_L15 天 前

    يخي تنكرط كلك على بعضك حلاوة

  • anymous
    anymous15 天 前

    Baekhyun oppaaa you look so handsome😭

  • bang ji t
    bang ji t17 天 前

    I don't like dressing 🤬🤬

  • Rain Berry
    Rain Berry18 天 前

    One word: Breathtaking!


    Baekhyun looks like a teen in every morning face🙂😉

  • Emily John
    Emily John20 天 前

    This reminds me of when EXO went to the aquarium 😭😭😭

  • via
    via20 天 前

    Baekhyun 🤍

  • Larissa García
    Larissa García21 天 前

    Bambi was the best present. I love you Baekhyun ♡.

  • sahar
    sahar22 天 前


  • 김세진
    김세진23 天 前

    변백현씨는 한국남치고는 비록 신장은 평타 구간에서 살짝 작은 축에 속하지만, 일부 연예인들과 달리 머리부터 발끝까지 외모가 굉장히 우월하신듯.. 나 보다 세 살 어리신 푸르른 청년 자태;ㅋㅋ

  • Althea Sayaang
    Althea Sayaang25 天 前

    Baekhyun will always have those cute sides uwuuuu

  • Leslie Dangare
    Leslie Dangare26 天 前

    working at 1am.. yet eyebags are nowhere to be seen? ha. could never be me.

  • Rosemarie Teasdale
    Rosemarie Teasdale26 天 前


  • Arleth VMartinez
    Arleth VMartinez26 天 前

    I love you Baekhyun this comment is from Mexico but know English💙💙

  • Tatá Marques
    Tatá Marques27 天 前

    Meu Deus!! a carinha dele!! Ele deve ter sentido muito frio!!!

  • Fati Salimzade
    Fati Salimzade28 天 前


  • Fati Salimzade
    Fati Salimzade28 天 前


  • Sharvina Tri Amalia
    Sharvina Tri Amalia28 天 前

    Knp ga ada subtitle Indonesia nya :(

  • Kartini 1379
    Kartini 137929 天 前

    Why ur so handsome?

  • Ayu Maulidya
    Ayu Maulidya个月 前

    Baekhyun ganteng banget

  • ᄋᄋᄋ
    ᄋᄋᄋ个月 前

    프레임마다 캡처갈김 .. 얼굴 만세 💗

  • Kat
    Kat个月 前

    2:11 So ur telling me somebody got to fix baekhyun's close towering over him while he is laying like that on a BED?! OKAY

  • exo supremacist
    exo supremacist个月 前

    he is such a cutie.... i love him so much

  • Grace Anastasya
    Grace Anastasya个月 前

    i love you so much baekhyunnnn

  • Nour Elhouda
    Nour Elhouda个月 前

    Lovely 😍😍😍

  • Rouge Grey
    Rouge Grey个月 前

    Bambi Bambi yeah

  • NinaL7 1485
    NinaL7 1485个月 前

    You paint my black and white life You are king EXO-l's You are paradise We are one

  • Palad, Charla Jannea
    Palad, Charla Jannea个月 前

    Hello exo-l's! I know exo will be having a comeback and baekhyun's comeback is such a huge success but can you please spare a time by reacting a heart❤ to this video! We are one exo, saranghaja!❤

  • Milinda Indrajith
    Milinda Indrajith个月 前

    Ooooo so cute beakhyun Can you come to sri lanka I think you is tired

  • Ruby Jane
    Ruby Jane个月 前

    Thank you Baekhyunie for giving us this masterpiece 💙

  • Gizemli Ben
    Gizemli Ben个月 前

    Çok çok seviyorum

  • katy c
    katy c个月 前

    4:50 *SONG* pleaseee

  • Exo is 9, period
    Exo is 9, period个月 前

    Baekhyun, we want to see you in IU’s Palette! You’re always coming across in charts lol. We’d love to listen to you and see that you appreciate each other's music!

  • Amy
    Amy个月 前

    his smile is sucha serotonin boost

  • Windi
    Windi个月 前

    Baekhyun thank you for the hard work

  • Windi
    Windi个月 前

    cian baek kedinginan :'(

  • Esty Jumadi
    Esty Jumadi个月 前

    Kacian oppa kedinginannn

  • Sayda Aghakhani
    Sayda Aghakhani个月 前

    Me until the video : Smile like a dumb

  • EXO-monster
    EXO-monster个月 前

    Eso es profesinalismoo TwT .. cuiden a mi bb ... se hizo pasar con el frioo ... Te amo BaekHyun .. GRACIAS POR TANTO .. ♡♡

  • Nanda Trinur
    Nanda Trinur个月 前

    Baek kamu tuh ga keliatan umur 30-an krna masih kiyowo bgtt heh😭

  • Shefaa.Mohamed exol
    Shefaa.Mohamed exol个月 前

    The amount of Screenshots I took ... But DO YOU BLAME ME ??!!! May god help me through the hard times ..

  • BabyByun Hun
    BabyByun Hun个月 前

    My Baby ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • aewx
    aewx个月 前

    _Baek Baek yicem seni bebek😿_

  • قاهرة الرجال
    قاهرة الرجال个月 前

    Tell me whats your secret Baekhyun

  • 김채영
    김채영个月 前

    백현이 블랙의상 너무 잘어울린다ㅠㅠㅠ

  • 김트와
    김트와个月 前

    이쁘게 넘 잘찍었다 !!

  • oh yehet
    oh yehet个月 前


  • Candy Bitter
    Candy Bitter个月 前

    Baekhyun works hard to get always the best results,

  • Mefriendlybully MengFeng
    Mefriendlybully MengFeng个月 前

    Love the way he is..super hndsome and soft inside..keep safe baekhyunah.

  • Veux pas.
    Veux pas.个月 前

    4:32 oh god look at the glass behind wow Anyway Baekhyun shines

  • green l
    green l个月 前

    백현아 우리 항상 네 옆에 있어줄게요. 우리 같이 행복하자!

  • green l
    green l个月 前

    백현아 제 사랑을 말로 다 표현할 수가 없어요.네 음악을 통해 나에게 힘을 줘서 고마워.

  • Simane Ramazanova
    Simane Ramazanova个月 前

    Simane exo 💖💖💖💖💗💗💗💗😇😇😇😇😇😘😘😘😘😘😘😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊💗💗💗💗😊😊😊😊😇💖😘

  • Simane Ramazanova
    Simane Ramazanova个月 前

    Simane 😘😘😘😘💖💖💖💖😘😘😘😘😘😇😇😇😔😇😘😘😊😊😊💗💖💖😇💖

  • sze ki cho
    sze ki cho个月 前


  • Gabriela Cedeno
    Gabriela Cedeno个月 前

    Trabajando ve tan hermoso. .mi Bambi Baekhyun

  • Andreza Andrade
    Andreza Andrade个月 前

    Damn just wanted to dry this 30 yo man skakakakaka tf

  • مهسا کبودیان
    مهسا کبودیان个月 前


  • 안유진
    안유진个月 前

    입김이 저렇게까지 나올정도면 엄청 추웠을텐데........근데도 우리한테 좋은 모습보여주고 싶어서 포즈하는거 보면 진짜 프로 아이돌이다......

  • 김쯔위
    김쯔위个月 前


  • love hana
    love hana个月 前

    어떤 컨셉이든 잘어울려

  • Deswita Aisyah
    Deswita Aisyah个月 前


  • Deswita Aisyah
    Deswita Aisyah个月 前


  • Deswita Aisyah
    Deswita Aisyah个月 前

  • Deswita Aisyah
    Deswita Aisyah个月 前


  • Kookie Jeon
    Kookie Jeon个月 前

    I thought this was an old video😳 his face looked like when he was debut. This guy never aged...

  • Nostalgic
    Nostalgic个月 前

    اف ياربي يجنن

  • yuyun hortensia
    yuyun hortensia个月 前

    Kamu unyu banget baek.. Aku gak yakin kamu udah mau 30th. Masa 30 gemoy bgini🤧🤧🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Sari Dwi Lestari
    Sari Dwi Lestari个月 前

    kasian ujan ujanan padahal lagi dingin

  • Pipi baek
    Pipi baek个月 前

    Thank you for your hard work

  • Pipi baek
    Pipi baek个月 前

    Baekhyunie never get failed

  • Kaijustkai 88
    Kaijustkai 88个月 前

    You my precious

  • Kaijustkai 88
    Kaijustkai 88个月 前

    Thank you for your hard work

  • Kaijustkai 88
    Kaijustkai 88个月 前

    Love you baby

  • byeon exo
    byeon exo个月 前

    Love u so much

  • byeon exo
    byeon exo个月 前

    Love you baekhyunieee

  • Baby LE
    Baby LE个月 前

    No estoy preparada para tanta belleza. Baekhyun eres hermoso

  • DA rk Official
    DA rk Official个月 前

    Let's all show love, for our sweet kind baek and yes lets support him whenever he needs us 🤍🥺 WE FIGHTINGG TOGETHER!!! 🤍💕💗

  • Ana Luisa
    Ana Luisa个月 前

    Que alguien me diga qué está pasando con el vídeo que salió de Exo? CB se viene? 🥺

  • LOEY 61
    LOEY 61个月 前

    You're so much cute ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

  • gloria beccalupi
    gloria beccalupi个月 前

    mi sono sentita sposata maria...

  • Togzhan Beken
    Togzhan Beken个月 前

    He is one of the best solo artist

  • Togzhan Beken
    Togzhan Beken个月 前

    10:25 Little baby Beakhyun:I can't stop laughing 10:27 Professional Beakhyun:He isn't laughing

  • Togzhan Beken
    Togzhan Beken个月 前

    His smile🤯

  • Togzhan Beken
    Togzhan Beken个月 前

    Baekhyun: I am thirty years old Beakhyun Exo-L: No you are twenty years old Beakhyun 🤧🤧🤧

  • Reyhane Eskandari
    Reyhane Eskandari个月 前

    I'm not far from you💋💋🤤

  • 백현이EXO L
    백현이EXO L个月 前

    I love you

  • Girl From Nowhere
    Girl From Nowhere个月 前

    STREAM BAEKHYUN’s SONGS don’t be lazy!!! Goals BAMBI ----> 30M CANDY----> 60M UN VILLAGE ---> 45M GET YOU ALONE---> 10M

  • Mohadeseh Sharifi
    Mohadeseh Sharifi个月 前

    6:09 he is wearing two pants 0-0

  • ??
    ??个月 前

    아니왜 갈수록 얼굴이 어려지는거여ㅠㅠ

  • Lhie Ann Faderagao
    Lhie Ann Faderagao个月 前

    Thank you for always working hard Baekhyun-ah

  • ahdafatimah
    ahdafatimah个月 前

    Who biased Baek ? 🙋‍♀️

  • noona petite
    noona petite个月 前

    people who don't know baekhyun wouldn't believe he's thirty

  • Ribi Mariska Eka Dewi
    Ribi Mariska Eka Dewi个月 前

    Baekhyun so handsome Love you Baekhyun

  • Amanda Ririn
    Amanda Ririn个月 前


  • Köpeklerle Yaşam
    Köpeklerle Yaşam个月 前